Travel Tips: Know the air travel rules

Airport security is very important and the air travel rules constantly change. When you travel, you need to be aware of the current rules. If you are not, you could be prohibited from traveling on airplanes, banned by an airline, or you could be arrested. There are three ways to learn about the air travel rules.

You can contact the airline directly by phone or via their web site. They will usually have the current rules on their web site as well as their individual rules such as the size of carry on luggage and in-flight rules.

Another way to find out about the current air travel rules is to contact the airport you are leaving from. Most airports have web sites and they will show the current air travel rules as well as other information such as terminal layouts, parking lots, and fees.

Travel Tips,the best website to find out what the current air travel rules is the transportation security administration website. You can read the rules and print them out.

If you hear about an air travel rule change on television or read about it in the newspaper, you should check the transportation security administration website. It is usually the most current and up-to-date web site on air travel rule changes.

While you are in the planning stages of your trip, you want to have a list of the rules handy, especially what you can take with you and what items are banned. You want to make sure you are aware of the rules before you purchase any items for travel.

Air travel rules cover not only what you carry on to the airplane and what can be packed in your luggage, but also there are rules you need to follow while flying. Incidents in the air can get you detained when you land