Amsterdam a Perfect Holiday Destination

When you think of Amsterdam, what images spring to mind? Chances are that many of them have an adult overtone, and whilst these may be one of the main attractions of the city, there is much more to be explored in a city known as the fifth busiest tourist destination in Europe.

Amsterdam has a number of widely recognizable sights to explore, from the vast network of canals that run through the city, to a multitude of museums celebrating artists such as Van Gogh and the rich cultural history of Amsterdam. For those who want to explore the city through one of its most famous features, there are a number of boat tours available, allowing you the chance to see Amsterdam through the network of canals that flow through the city.

Many of the hotels in Amsterdam are based around the center of the city, with the airport and train stations within easy reach of the city. Amsterdam is seen as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world, and this can be one of the best methods of transport with which to explore the city.

If your legs aren’t up to the task or you want to see the beautiful country side of Holland you can hire a car for a fairly cheap price. If you do get a chance to jump in a car there are plenty of beautiful visual offerings surrounding Amsterdam. A short 30 minute drive north and you can visit the stunning island village of Marken. Just make sure you choose the best hire a car company that undergoes mechanical check done by an expert like Mechanic East Brisbane, this way you can guarantee a safe drive around Amsterdam.

There are plenty of bike rental companies throughout the city, with many offering rental at a hourly rate. Because of the flat terrain upon which Amsterdam is built, cyclists of all levels will find cycling in the city and the surrounding areas a relaxing and healthy method of exploring. Bike parking spaces can be found all around the city, meaning you can leave your bike safely outside and chained up whilst you’re visiting a museum or one of the many open air markets around the city. Exploring Amsterdam by cycle can not only help keep you fit, but provide the ideal opportunity to explore the vast and varied culture of the city, as well as helping to stretch your legs after those long flights.

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Flights to Amsterdam are available from many UK airports, and can be useful if you’re looking to embark on a city break. Schipol Airport is also the main hub for the train network of Amsterdam, giving you the opportunity to travel to a variety of destinations – both in the city itself and onward to other European destinations.